I’m Free and Giving Away a Book

I’m Candida Free! Well, actually I’ve always been as far as I know. I’ve never suffered from Candida and until the beginning of this year I’d never heard of it. So why am I on a launch team for a book about Living Candida Free?


Let me explain. And I’ll try (stress the word try) to do so in a not to round about way.

I had been following the Author Ricki Heller’s blog for a while and received her newsletter. One day when scanning through the subject lines in my inbox my eye was quickly caught by the word “launch”. I love helping launch books that I think have a really good message, or can help myself and others I know. I don’t sign up for just any launch team that’s out there. But as I checked this email out I was intrigued by what looked like healthy recipes, definitely appealing to me. I signed up and was accepted.

As I read the book I found out more about how our bodies work without feeling like I was lost in medical jargon. It made sense. I could understand this.

Now. I didn’t read this book and think, “Oh, that’s what I have, that’s my problem.” But I do have my own set of trouble with my body seeming to sometimes work against me and especially lately I’ve really been wanting to learn more and more about how nutrition plays a role in the workings of our bodies. And as I continued to read the book, and share about it on social media, all of a sudden the word Candida started popping up more. I found out I actually new some friends who had it or had family that did. I had information to share now that could hopefully help others (if you haven’t caught on yet, I love to share what I’ve found if it’ll help someone else).

There were other aspects of the book that really appealed to me. Well, the recipes, of course. But, the author really brought out some good advice for anyone facing challenges to changes in their diet. She offered some insights that helped me think about how I can do this (even though me “this” is different) without setting myself up for failure.

Unfortunately time has been all too short lately and I’ve not been able to try many of the recipes. One I did however was the Eggplant Parmesan. As I am not needing to hold to the Candida diet, I did change some things to suit our family; for instance we’re meat eaters and that won’t change. I was really pleased with it.

So to end this post I offer a give-away. Who doesn’t love one of those?

To be entered for a chance to win a copy of Living Candida Free by Ricki Heller, share this post on Facebook and tag me in it or leave a comment.


13 thoughts on “I’m Free and Giving Away a Book

  1. Sarah, thanks so much for this detailed review–and I am so glad you think the book will be useful to other folks! I did want the book to be helpful to anyone on a special diet, so I’m glad that came across, too. πŸ™‚

  2. I love that book! I agree that I didn’t feel like I had Candida, but rather discovered a ton of useful healthy info and the recipes are great!

  3. I was fortunate to attend Ricki’s webinars on this launch and I have her first book, Naturally Sweet & Gluten-free. I would love this one so I can understand the Candida condition better. I used to counsel nutrition in the hospitals so Ricki could help me understand and pass on the info for those suffering. The recipes work for me too since I follow the gluten, sugar free plan. I shared on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/deb.dianne/posts/606162266195104?pnref=story) and commenting here instead of tagging you, which I may mess up!

  4. I have MS and am following an anti-candida diet in hopes that it will help me put the MS into remission. I would love a copy of this cookbook. I am a follower of Ricki Heller and use several of her blog recipes.

  5. I’m popping up to add/revise a few details on the give-away. The deadline is March 18, 5 pm, MST. If you’ve shared on Facebook, I haven’t figured out how I can see who did the sharing. But I’m doing my best to keep up with moderating comments. Sorry folks there are times I’m still learning from this blogging mess πŸ™‚

    • Yes, I’m not the best at tagging so I left the url in my comment that you can click on to take you to my Facebook share. I have it set to share publicly on my private account, so all can see the share.

  6. I would like to get my candida overgrowth under control! I love to eat, I need recipes coming from a candida crusher. πŸ™‚

    • Absolutely awesome!! I’ve been following both Ricki Heller and Andrea Nakayama for some time now through my attempts to get a handle on my gut-based health problems, which have spiraled into autoimmunity, neurological and endocrine problems. Really looking forward to putting the wisdom in this book to good use, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to do so through your blog. Thanks for what you do. :o)

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