Launching in to the Crazy!


Yes, that’s me. And I’m walking. At my kitchen counter. With my laptop. Why? Because that’s what I’ve found works, especially since the start of this crazy new year. So far I’ve reached my goal for January (my goal is a million steps a month this year), in fact as of starting to write this at 3:35 pm I am at 1,434,784 steps for the month.

Am I always looking presentable with hair, makeup, and Noon Day earrings (which, by the way, I love; check out my friend Dawn’s Website)? Oh, goodness no. I’m still a mom of two young children and as I’m about to explain, my life has felt crazy busy lately. No. Most days it’s black yoga pants and a t-shirt. But, can you blame me for having my hubby snap the picture when I felt more presentable.

Getting Back to the Point

I’m going to try and tie in together a few different things I have to share in this post and hopefully you’ll see how they all weave in together. I guess you could say this is my intro in to what I’ll be sharing over the next months. I’ve tried the catchy “Tuesday Tidbits” to motivate myself to write more often. Sorry, didn’t work. I’m here to share what I’m learning, what I’ve found helpful, and what I’m just dying to tell you but I’m not a writer really and so my blog will probably continue to be as varied as my personality, at least as far as when I’m posting.

Let me also say that, as I introduce a few topics, some of them will eventually be linked to their own blog posts with more that I have to say on that particular.

OK, OK. I know you really want to know how I got over a million steps this month (100,000 of those were in one day -my very most personal best). Or maybe you don’t. But I get asked that, and, even more often, I get asked why I’m walking in place (and FYI it is not okay to ask a complete stranger if they’re doing the potty dance). I don’t walk in place absolutely everywhere, but, rather than just standing when I’m waiting for things, especially if it’s a day where I know I’m going to do a lot of sitting, why not? I get my steps in where I can. And let me tell you, they add up. I have a Fitbit Tracker and just walking in place can get you a lot farther than you thought (that personal best 100,000 of mine was about 50 miles).

I also walk in place while I’m cooking, doing the dishes, brushing my teeth, putting on makeup (mascara, mmmm… not so much). It’s taken a little practice and I started out slow. But here’s the thing (or two). I’m chicken when it comes to the cold and I live in Northern Colorado, almost enough said there. Another thing is, I have two adorable, but busy, young children and a wonderful husband who works very odd hours. We don’t have a gym membership and lately I don’t have the time. At least not to reach the goals I’m enjoying.

Why am I busy? Aside from the already mentioned life of a stay-at-home-mom (and I hear all of the rest of you say Amen), who has a business from home, I am currently involved in 5 launch teams, 1 book team, and off and on I review books from NetGalley.WellnessBadge

That’s why you’ll find my laptop most often on my kitchen counter. It allows me the perfect height to walk while I’m posting to social media about these awesome books I’m reading. I’m walking right now while I’m blogging. So incidentally you can expect my upcoming blog posts to share more about Hope for the Weary Mom, Happy Habits for Every Couple, Clutter Free, Living Candida Free, Pulling Back the Shades, and a Hot Mama Challenge series. Can you handle it 🙂 ?

Before I get us all lost, we’ll stop there for now. I really hope you know that it is not my intention to look at me. I just hope that by sharing what has worked for me it will help someone else find what works for them–even if that looks completely different. Always feel free to leave a comment if you want to know more or if you’re just curious. I’m pretty open as long as the comment’s pretty respectful. There’s so much more I have to share.