Sharing Hospitality with Your Glueten Free, Dairy Free Friends this Holiday

It’s the Christmas season. Gift giving, cookie making, holiday parties. But, more and more, there are individuals in our lives, both new, and old, who have challenging dietary needs. Maybe they just have one particular food allergy, or maybe they’re completely gluten free or dairy free or both. If you’ve never had to deal with this before it may seem challenging.

Recently my daughter’s home-school coop had a signup for making cookies as a thank you to the staff of the church where we held “school”. They wanted three dozen for each of the staff members and one of them was gluten and dairy free. I signed up for the special need. Am I gluten or dairy free? No, at least not yet.

In my journey to making healthier decisions I have found that some of the options offered by such g/d free diets fit in well with what I needed. Healthy, good for me, and still tasting good. Yes, this may be a shock to you if you’re new to the concept of g/d free food, but it can still taste good.

So if you’re seeking those g/d free options, either for yourself, or for a gift of goodies for a friend, co-worker, or neighbor, what do you do? Do you find the g/d free products on the shelf at the store to whip up quick and cheap? Well, if that’s your only option, it is an option, but certainly not the best. Most of those offered really are more like junk food and offer little in the way of nutrition, which, considering cookies passed out as Christmas are rarely that healthy, may be okay. But if you really want to stretch your gift, and your hospitality, you may want to consider some other options.

I’m listing a few sources that I have found so helpful. Check them out. Maybe you’ll find a helpful recipe or two to use this Christmas. Or, maybe like me, you’ll find that there’s more to this gluten free, dairy free thing than you thought. It might change some of the way’s you view food and what’s in your kitchen.

The third resource I listed takes you to a specific recipe. These are so good. I’ve tweaked them just a bit and here is my version:

g.d free 1

Feel free to leave me a comment or question. I’d be happy to share more!