“For the Love of God”


And I’m so excited about it.

If you haven’t caught on from previous posts, let me share that this is not my first launch team. I discovered sometime about a year ago that I really love being a part of getting the word out about new books and sharing the excitement about an author whose message I think others need to know about. I’ve been able to this almost continuously ever since.

So I was definitely on board when I saw the opportunity to join Jenny’s team.

Now, to be honest. I haven’t finished the book yet. I could go into details. Instead let’s just say life has been a little difficult lately. I’ve read enough to be fully assured that standing behind this author was the right thing to do. Not only do I stand behind promoting her book, but also the Gods Girl Movement. Once I finish the book I’ll have more to share but for now I hope that reading a little about the book, about the movement, and hearing directly some of Jenny’s heart will encourage you to check it out whether it’s a message you may need to hear or a message that you will readily find worth sharing, just as I have.


For the Love of God: A Woman's Guide to Finding Faith and Getting Grace

“Being new is never easy especially when it comes to finding your faith. But you don’t need a big neon sign to point the way to God. Instead, you need a friend to tell it to you straight, equip you with information, and provide some much-needed encouragement along the way. Indeed, you need guidance from a woman who has already walked a mile in your shoes.

Jenny Lee Sulpizio invites you to silence those doubts, experience God’s grace, and breathe in the unconditional love you were always meant to know. It’s a guide for women unsure of their Creator, in search of answers, and interested in pursuing a genuine relationship with the Lord. Because this walk with God — this journey with Jesus? It’s about to change everything.

For the Love of God: A Woman’s Guide to Finding Faith and Getting Grace…

  • Provides an inviting look into the nuts and bolts of faith and what it means to call one’s self a Christian.
  • Encourages readers to come closer to God by offering spiritual insights and testimonies.
  • Dispels the myths and negativity surrounding Christianity in our culture today.
  • Equips readers with spiritual truths to some of the most pressing questions regarding one’s faith.
  • Unwraps the elements of faith and offers growth-provoking questions in eleven well-resourced chapters.


“Each one of us knows someone who is in desperate need of the grace and freedom found in a real, growing relationship with Jesus. Someone who needs her fears recognized, her questions answered, and her disbelief turned on it’s head in light of the Truth. Is God bringing someone to mind right now? What about your neighbor from across the street, or that other tired mama in your yoga class? Could it be your tender-hearted daughter, or your crazy-fun-but-oh-so-broken mother? Maybe it’s the under-tipped barista you see every morning on your way to work, or the hairdresser who is in the middle of some dark circumstances.

…they are in need of the message found in this book…they are in need of a relationship with God.

Can I ask you to join me in this movement? Are you willing to stand in the gap and minister to those who have yet to truly discover God, or experience His grace? His forgiveness? His love? Together, we can impact this world for Him.”


What inspired you to write this book? Why did you want to reach out to new believers and/or those struggling in their walk with God?

“Plain and simple: I’ve been there.  In fact, I resisted a relationship with the Lord for so, so long. Despite His best efforts to get my attention. Despite the emptiness I felt and the longing I had. I understand those feelings of fear when it comes to walking with the Lord, the uncertainty one has when it comes to seeking their Creator, and I wanted to provide these women the encouragement they need as they seek God and what it means to be His daughter.”

This guide you’ve written for women is basically divided into two parts: introducing the key elements of faith, as well as what the Christian walk typically looks like. Can you discuss this a little bit more and what your intention was in structuring it this way?

“When I decided to head back to church, I didn’t have a clue about anything to do with having a relationship with Jesus. I wasn’t aware of the nuts and bolts of faith. I didn’t know which direction to take after walking through those church doors. I desperately needed someone or something to walk with me on this journey, to calm my fears, to see me through my struggles, and to answer some of the questions I was too scared to ask. This was the book I needed. These are the words I needed to hear…the reassurance I desired.”

Why do you think so many people struggle when it comes to the issue of discipling? Why is it so hard to talk about Jesus?

“Honestly, I struggle with this at at times and I’m not sure of all the reasons why. But here’s what I do know…we are called to disciple and make His Name known. We are absolutely commissioned by God to defend Christ, to share His gift of salvation, and to disciple to others in the faith. That is why we are here. In fact, this is our entire purpose on Earth…not to shine the light on ourselves or live this life for our desires and plans, but to live solely for Christ and to share the Gospel with those He places in our circles of influence.”


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